When my friend told me a funny bike named electric walking bike from Orientway Manufactory, i just think it just the ebike by walking.

As a matter of fact, I almost missed it for my wrong vision. Meet the world's first walking bike.

Let me tell you my feelings of testing this electric walking bike

When you are walking on the Lopifit, you push the treadmill backwards with your feet. A sensor is registering the movement of the treadmill and gives a signal to an electronic device, which will activate the motor.


That’s more like a treadmill on top of a scooter.

The bike is powered by a motor that pushes it into motion, then eventually works in tandem with your footsteps, which also help yo generate momentum.


This might be the word’s healthiest way to get around credit: electric walking bike.


It’s a good way to do exercise when you go to work or go to a village to enjoy you time. I think why it is popular for these reasons.


Besides, it’s cheap so many people could afford it. When my time is available, i would like to drive it to the village to visit my grandma. She must be very interested this ebike, too.